Bobo No. 41 (12 Oktober 1968)

  • Title:Bobo No. 41 (12 Oktober 1968)
  • Pages:16
  • Language: Dutch
  • Original Publisher:VNU and Malmberg
  • Licensed under:Domain Public
  • Source: comicsforall269084760.wordpress.com

Bobo is a monthly Dutch educational children’s magazine for preschoolers . The magazine is about the blue rabbit Bobo and is being developed in close collaboration with children and teachers. Every month an appealing theme is discussed and sleuth Bobo experiences a new adventure. The purpose of the magazine is to teach toddlers new skills in a playful way.

The magazine has a circulation of 30,000 copies. Besides the Netherlands and Belgium, Bobo is also very popular in Indonesia. With more than 100,000 unique visitors per month, Bobo’s website is the most visited toddler site in the Netherlands.

The magazine has been published in the Netherlands since 1968. It was initially a translation of the English version, but since 1975 the magazine also has its own editorial team. Annie MG Schmidt , Fiep Westendorp , Francine Oomen and Hans de Beer wrote and signed for the magazine. Also Hetty Heyting has for years been associated with the magazine, mainly in the seventies. After VNU and Malmberg publishers , the magazine has been published by Blink Uitgevers since 2009.

The magazine features comics and stories about Bobo, the ‘blue’ rabbit. Bobo is a real detective, who always discovers new things. What is special about Bobo is that he lives in a large tree house. Bobo has the most adventures with his great friend Tjerk, his sister Krabbel and the dog Frommel.


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